Qinghai Yushu hit Cordyceps cross-border excavation: daily organization of military training

To ensure social stability during the acquisition of Cordyceps
In order to do a good job in the social control work of Cordyceps harvesting period, we will further improve the legal awareness and legal quality of the masses of farmers and herdsmen, and prevent all kinds of criminal cases. Recently, the Yushu City Public Security Bureau organized the area of ​​the township herdsmen to organize the Cordyceps harvest legal system training courses. During the period, invited Yushu City Bureau of Justice staff to explain, discuss and other forms of targeted legal publicity and education, and guide the masses of Cordyceps income and improve the production and living conditions of organic integration, and education and training staff firm political stance, do not rumors, not rumors , Not rumors, to ensure that social stability during the acquisition of Cordyceps. Yushu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade to disseminate promotional materials, explain the traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge and other forms, to guide the Cordyceps collected masses and traffic participants consciously abide by the traffic rules, and resolutely resist drunk driving, speeding, fatigue driving, driving without a license , Take three no vehicles and other traffic violations, and effectively improve the consciousness of the masses consciously, effectively prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents, Cordyceps during the collection to create a good road traffic environment. Legal system brigade to carry out the "maintenance of stability, civilized excavation" as the theme of the legal publicity seminars to "security management punishment law" as the main content, to train personnel to explain the collection area, acquisition requirements and may lead to various types of contradictions and disputes Consequences, and resolutely prohibit cross-border excavation and the occurrence of various contradictions and disputes, and constantly strengthen the training of legal and legal awareness and scientific awareness. The security brigade team organizes training personnel every day to carry out military training, to train training, physical training mainly to improve the training of personnel disciplines. And with the training staff signed a guarantee to ensure that during the Cordyceps excavation to comply with the laws and regulations, do not take the lead in provoking trouble, disrupt the social order.

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