Trademark case of the first trial wins the trick to continue to use the "drop"

The approval date for the company's trademark is in November 2013 and July 2014
Beijing News News (reporter Wang Wei) taxi software "drop the taxi" trademark lawsuit constantly. Due to alleged infringement, the name of this taxi software from the "Di Di" to "drop", but still prosecuted against other companies registered trademark. Reporters learned today, Beijing Haidian court first instance verdict, drop the taxi does not constitute infringement, you can still use the "drop" trademark. Guangzhou Rui Chi company claimed that the company has a "drop" trademark, small orange technology to provide the drop of taxi service and the company's trademark approved the use of the same or similar services, infringement of their own enjoyment of the trademark, so the prosecution requirements Small orange company immediately stop infringement, and in its website and the national mainstream media published a statement to eliminate the impact. Haidian court found that the "drop of taxi" software on-line time for September 9, 2012, Rui Chi company trademark approval time for November 2013 and July 2014, are later than the small orange company graphic logo usage time. At the same time, "Dropping the taxi" service and Rui Chi company registered trademark approved the use of different categories, the trademark itself is also a significant difference, "drop taxi" operating unit small orange company did not infringe the company's "drop" The exclusive right.

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